Most hotels provide a courtesy shuttle from the Aerodrome/Airport to the hotel. If not, taxi’s are readily available at the Aerodrome/Airport. The Approximate cost to get to most hotels is between $5 – $10 US Dollars.

We have various types of aircraft to meet our clients needs, including the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. It is one of the worlds most reliable aircraft, with a dispatch reliability of 99.8%. Cabin is spacious, comfortable and has a view at every window.

Seating capacity ranges from 5 seater – 17 seater.

10% discount on roundtrip reservation made on website for charters only.

For passengers Arriving from an International Flight, please allow at least an hour to clear Immigration and Customs then select a time for the AirLink Flight.

For passengers Departing on an International Flight, please select an AirLink Flight that will allow at least 3 hours for check-in at the International Airport.

Flying is the safest way of transportation. Our aircrafts are maintained at the highest standards of the manufacturer.
Our Pilots are well trained with years of aviation experience.
Hedonism, Couples Negril, Grand Lido, Rio Tropical Sandal, Point Village are across from the Aerodrome. One to two minutes by taxi.
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