Port Antonio

Enough though it is a quiet and beautiful haven, Port Antonio isn’t only visited for its charm. If you’ve got an eye for arts and crafts, and all the jewels Jamaica has to offer, come and explore the city. Even through the lush greens of our jungle trails, taking in the misty mountains. Or sail down […]

Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth lives up to its name as a gem on Jamaica’s south coast. Its idyllic scenery, its long six mile stretch of golden sand and, most importantly, its authentic Jamaican vibe, takes this beach into the top five best-kept secrets on the island. Treasure Beach is a winding 2hrs and 25mins […]


Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, lies on the fertile plains of Liguanea between the cays and banks of the eastern coast. Kinston is not like the resort paradise found on the north coast, but it offers a great deal more to the travellers who seek to gain more than a sun tan from a holiday in Jamaica. […]


The first to discover Negril’s charms were the “Hippies and flower children” of the early seventies who naturally gravitated to the laid back lifestyles and related to the warmth and gentleness of the sparse population. The hippies left their mark on Negril forever and helped to create its carefree, unhurried atmosphere where friendships spring between […]

Ocho Rios

The parish of St. Ann on the north coast is also known as the “Garden parish” because of its tropical beauty. Ocho Rios owes most of its fame to the Dunn’s River Falls. It is a joy to swim in the bitingly cool water. Ocho Rios is also famous for a rocky gorge of tremendous […]

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second city in size and importance, but it is the island’s tourism capital. It boasts the most hotel accommodation; transportation facilities and is, in fact, a cosmopolitan holiday centre, offering a wide choice of amenities. Montego Bay boasts a wide selection of accommodation, from the older, well-established luxury hotels and the […]